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    There are strict requirements for evidence in accident cases after accidents, and it is important to provide proof of the location of the accident itself, for example after a traffic accident. The lawyers special advice is to call the police if possible. In addition, you should talk to witnesses, obtain their names and phone numbers, and take pictures that can be used as documentation. If you are self-indulgent, ask for help filling out the injury report, preferably from the police.

    Seek Medical Attention Regularly For Personal Injury

    You should contact your doctor as soon as possible after an accident and have all the pain and other symptoms recorded. For your safety, ask for x-rays to be taken and check that all injuries, pains and symptoms are included in your medical record. The personal injury attorney is the best option. there.

    In the time after an accident, you should visit your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor regularly. A correct and detailed medical record is an important proof in a claim. Also in the time after the accident, you should review the record to make sure that all information is included.

    In many cases, you are entitled to compensation for any additional costs you incurred as a result of the accident. To document your claims, keep all receipts from your doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, pharmacist, etc. The lawyers also advise you to create your own diary describing your health progress and record what you have told your doctor / therapist.

    Report To The Insurance Companies After Personal Injury

    If you have suffered an injury or accident, you are obliged to report to the insurance company as soon as you know the damage. The notification must be given in writing and sent to all companies where you have insurance, both privately and through work. In some claims, you are entitled to interest on the amount of the damages. Interest rates usually start running two months after you reported the accident or injury. From the lawyer you can have the best consultation now.

    Contact A Car Accident Lawyer 

    If you have been injured or hurt in a car accident, it may be a good idea to contact a lawyer who has experience with personal injury. The group of attorney working on such cases also have an overview of what insurance covers legal assistance and what you may need to do to ensure you get the costs of a lawyer. In case of car accidents, you should first seek help from a lawyer before speaking with your own insurance company.

    Follow Up The Employer After A Work Injury Involving Personal Injury

    Following an occupational accident, your employer is obliged to submit a report to the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority and a professional injury report to both the social security office and the occupational injury insurance company. Lawyers with personal injury experience advise you to request a copy of the occupational injury report, so that you have the opportunity to check that all information about the injury or accident has been included. From the law firms you will get the initial instructions.

    Remember that when you go to a lawyer, you pay for highly qualified legal advice. As a general rule, you pay a price per hour the lawyer uses. Therefore, it is important for you that the lawyer’s time is spent as best as possible. It may be unnecessarily expensive to allow the lawyer to spend time clearing your papers.

    You get a better overview yourself, and you get better and faster help from the lawyer if you make some simple preparations before the first lawyer’s meeting. It is primarily about creating a chronological overview. That is, the lawyer needs a comprehensive record that shows the order of all incidents that may be important to your case.

    Free Advice

    We remind you that the members of the Norwegian Bar Association organize law guards in a number of places in the country. Here you get up to half an hour of free advice from a lawyer. By attending an attorney you can get an initial review of your case. Many people use this opportunity to assess whether they have a case to go on.

    However, it is important to note that this is not a formal specialist scheme. There is no such scheme within the legal profession. The lawyers themselves have chosen the areas they will be listed under

    Public Attorneys

    Some attorneys have chosen to register as public attorneys. These are lawyers who cover many and very different types of cases in their day-to-day business. These lawyers have experience from most areas of everyday law. Therefore, in you will find these lawyers within all categories of law, but they will appear in the list after the lawyers who have registered with the relevant area as a special area.

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